How to Help Your Employees’ Plans for the Future of Their Career

How to Help Your Employees Plan for the Future of Their Career

It has become more important for employers to provide employees with career development opportunities. Doing this offers them the ability to expand on their own career while adding to the skill set of your team. You can help yourself be prepared for the future while simultaneously nurturing the future of their own careers. Here is how you can do it.

Five Ways To Support Your Employees As They Develop Their Careers

1. Offer Continued Training

One of the best ways to help your employees plan for the future of their careers is by offering continued training. Training allows your employees to cross-train and develop additional skills within your industry and organization. From a personal standpoint, additional training opportunities can give your team more room to move upward in their careers because they will have even more experience to add to their CV.

2. Provide Details About Networking Events

Stay plugged into networking events happening in your industry and provide your staff with details when they come up. Not only will networking events help you stay tapped into the industry at large, but they will help your employees make more connections as well. These events can help open up learning and career development opportunities. It will also help expand your company’s reach in the industry.

3. Build Mentorship Programs in Your Company

A good mentor can make a huge difference in a person’s career. Establishing some kind of mentorship program in your company can help foster some of those relationships. The mentor gets to take on a leadership role of sorts while the mentee is given career advice, education, and inside knowledge. All of this can not only help boost their careers but will also create loyalty for your organization.

4. Consider Other Educational Opportunities

Beyond training, take the time to consider other educational opportunities as well. Would your staff appreciate the opportunity to go back to school or get certified in something new? Think about what would benefit both your organization and each of their personal careers. You will also have to take cost into consideration. Is a full-ride something you are able or willing to provide for your staff? Do you need more employees with Master’s degrees or do you need them to get further specific training/certifications? Providing these kinds of opportunities can be invaluable to employees and help boost the abilities of your team.

5. Get Feedback From Your Team

Before moving forward with any plan to help your employees grow in their careers, get feedback from them. See what development opportunities they would be interested in pursuing. For example, you may discover your employees are more interested in networking opportunities rather than continued education. Whatever the case may be, talk with them about what they’d like to see from you as an employer to help them with career development. Instead of providing them with opportunities that they aren’t looking for, you can give them meaningful options to help their careers.

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