These 5 Recruitment Strategies Will Help You Find Top Candidates

To attract the best candidates, you need to have a good recruitment strategy. You want to create a positive employer brand and improve the quality of new hires you receive. Here are five recruitment strategies that will help you land top talent.

Create a Candidate Persona

You want to define who the ideal candidate for the position is. Find data, look up information about the job, and create a persona. The persona should include the educational background, location, skill, experience, and character traits you would prefer in a candidate. When you know exactly who you are looking for, it will make your recruitment strategies more effective.
Creating a candidate persona will write better job descriptions, improve time-to-hire and retention rates, and truly optimize candidate sourcing.

There are a few things you can do to piece together a good candidate persona. You can start with a questionnaire listing the relevant questions that would help you define the persona. Interviewing your best employees isn’t a bad idea either. You can get a feel for what motivates them and what their goals are. This can help you understand what kind of person you are looking for and what you need to do to attract them to your company.

Launch a Referral Program

Employee referral programs are always a great recruitment strategy. In fact, referral programs are the source of quality hires for many employers. Your employees already know what kind of candidate you are searching for, typically making their referrals a better match. The best thing about this recruitment strategy is that it is low-cost and extremely effective.

Improve Your Employer Brand

Your reputation as an employer matter when you are trying to attract top candidates. The brand is made up of a number of things, including your company’s logo, mission, quality of product or services, etc. Candidates will be more interested in your organization if the perception of your brand is positive. Some ways you can build an employer brand include starting a company blog, creating brand ambassadors out of current staff members, treating candidates like you treat clients, and improving diversity in the workplace.

Leverage Social Recruiting

Social media is one of the most popular ways to interact with other people these days. Even hiring managers and recruiters have taken to social media to find new candidates. LinkedIn has proven to be especially helpful. You can review the potential candidate’s information, experience, skills, and endorsements. If you feel they are a good fit, send them a message.

Other social media channels can prove to be beneficial during the recruiting process as well. Facebook and Twitter can be used to post job listings and share information about your organization. Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube can also be used to keep people up to date about what your company is doing. This gives you a chance to educate potential candidates about you as an employer.

Embrace Automation

Automation and artificial intelligence is changing the world of recruiting. You can automate things like job advertisements, messaging, applicant tracking, scheduling, and offers. Implementing this technology in your recruitment strategy will help you reduce the cost of new hires and improve retention rates.

The professionals at PrideStaff Northern Virginia can help you find top candidates. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can assist you with recruiting.

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