6 Tips for Helping Your Employees Achieve a Better Work-Life Balance

Achieving a work-life balance isn’t as easy as it sounds. As an employer, you can help your employees do this by checking in regularly and encouraging healthy work habits. You might do things like encourage breaks, review their workload, ask employees for feedback, among other things. Here are a few tips to help encourage a positive work-life balance for your team.

Lead By Example

Even though you preach work-life balance, many managers and business owners don’t practice it themselves. One of the best ways to promote a balance for your employees is by leading by example. You should also take regular breaks, leave the office on time, and refrain from emailing your team members after hours.

Decrease Emphasis on Hours

Try to decrease the emphasis you put on the hours they work each day. Instead, have your employees focus on productivity and completing tasks. Although some tasks may push them to work longer than an eight-hour day, this will be offset by slower days with easier tasks.

Review Your Team’s Workload

You should take the time to review your employees’ workloads regularly and make sure what you are assigning them is achievable. Although you may see a single task, it could take your employee an entire workday to complete. Communicate with your team on what is doable and what they need help with. This will also give you an idea of who on your team might be stressed and how you can help alleviate it.

Offer Flexibility

Remote work opportunities or flexible scheduling can help your employees feel more balanced. This gives them a chance to manage their own time. If there is something personal they need to take care of, they no longer have to worry about scheduling it around their workday. On top of having more control over where and when they work, they feel it displays their employer’s trust in them. Management knows that the job will get done, no matter where or when it is done.

Encourage Your Team to Take Breaks

Encouraging breaks is another great way to help your employees achieve a better work-life balance. When they take a break, be sure they are urged to go on a walk, leave the office, or at the very least, go to a different section of the office to take a breather. You can create break rooms or a section of the office devoted to break time. It is always healthy to break away from the daily hustle and bustle for a moment.

Fill in the Gaps on Your Staff

Another way you can help your employees achieve a better work-life balance is by filling in the gaps in your staff. Many employees wind up feeling overworked because they are short-staffed or lack talent on the team to get the job done efficiently. Working with a staffing agency can help you fill in the gaps or find the talent you need to help balance out your team. Contact us to see how PrideStaff of Northern Virginia can assist your organization.

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