5 Tips for Improving Diversity in the Workplace

It is extremely important to encourage diverse thinking and make your workspaces inclusive. Making these improvements can help boost morale and productivity in the workplace. To improve diversity in the workplace, you need to foster a company culture where every voice is welcome, heard, and respected. Here are a few tips for improving diversity in the workplace.

Provide an Environment Where They Can Be Themselves

Many employees have expressed they have left positions in the past because they felt like they needed to hide a part of themselves when at work. It can also be a problem with multilingual employees who do not feel they can communicate in their native languages. Think about how you can provide a more hospitable environment.

Evaluate Your Leadership Team

Take a look at your leadership team. How diverse are they? Do they represent different ethnic groups, age groups, and genders? If not, you may want to consider how you can better diversify your leadership. These individuals are the people who make most of the decisions in your organization. If they all have the same general background, it will lead to bias in their decision-making and lead to the rest of your team feeling unrepresented by these choices.

Encourage Your Team to Speak Out

Many employees have also voiced that they have left jobs because they did not feel their unique point of view or diversity was valued. It would help if you encouraged each member of your team to speak out. They need to feel free to express themselves regardless of their age, background, gender, race, or religion. When they feel safe expressing their feelings, they will feel more connected to the company as a whole.

Open Up a Dialogue About Inequality

Beyond making each employee feel that their voice is heard and valued, you should also encourage discussion about inequality. Getting these uncomfortable topics out on the table can help improve diversity in the workplace and, again, make each of your employees truly feel heard. Talk about the gender pay gap, how minorities are represented in the industry, and how your company policies help decrease inequality. A good way to get this conversation started is by opening up a communication platform for your employees to utilize. This will also help you, as an employer, see and address the concerns your staff may have.

Eliminate Bias in the Evaluation Process

Studies have shown that the hiring process, in general, is full of bias. Many employers are striving to decrease workplace bias by altering how they source candidates and review resumes. Instead of considering the worker’s race, age, religion, or even name, you should first look at the skills they bring to the table and how they can make your company a more well-rounded organization. Make diversity a goal when hiring and promoting individuals. It should be a goal to reduce bias in promotion opportunities in your business as well.

Diversity in the workplace starts with staffing. PrideStaff of Northern Virginia is dedicated to helping you reach your diversity goals. Contact us to see how we can assist your company.

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