Showing Empathy in the Workplace Matters

How your employees feel about their work and whether they feel valued in what they do each day has a major impact on their attitude. When you show empathy and depict that you care about your employees, it can improve retention, increase morale, and create an overall better place to work. Below are a few ways you can show empathy in the workplace and how it will benefit your organization in the long run.

Benefits of Empathy in the Workplace

There are several perks to being more empathetic in the workplace. It has been proven that empathy in the workplace can decrease employee turnover by 26%. Beyond improved retention rates, you will also notice increased productivity and participation. Not to mention, when you are empathetic towards your employees, it can improve overall customer satisfaction by as much as 30%. Now that you know what the benefits of empathy in the workplace can be, here are some ways you may consider implementing it in your organization.

Be a Good Listener

Become more engaged with your team and listen to them. Often, employees will come forward with feedback, concerns, or ideas and feel their manager or employer does not hear them. This can lead to poor morale. Instead, be an active listener and find ways to show you care about what they’ve said.

Encourage Collaboration

Did you know only 17% of your employees share the same viewpoint? Part of being empathetic means being open to different ideas. Encourage your team to collaborate and take each of their thoughts into consideration.

Make Employee Wellness a Priority

Another great way employers can show empathy in the workplace is by making employee wellness a top priority. Be sure you are providing adequate time off. Express that maintaining a work-life balance is key to success in your organization. You should also check in with them on a personal level to be sure they are not overwhelmed by their workload.

Provide Support

Attempt to build on your team’s strengths. Identify what they are and see how you can use them to your advantage. Then provide support to help them use their skills to do their jobs in the best way possible. See what they need to be successful. Inquire about tools they may need to improve their performance or make their tasks easier and do what you can to provide them.

Show Your Team Your Appreciation

Look for ways to show your employees appreciation. When there is success on your team, publicly acknowledge the win and show appreciation for the employees who made it possible. You can do this through email, other communication platforms, or bulletin boards. Some employers also hold small get-togethers, luncheons, or casual days to show employee appreciation as well.

Be Flexible

Finally, another way to show empathy in the workplace is by offering more flexibility to your employees. This can be done by providing the option to work from home if possible. You can also provide more flexible schedules. These things can give your employees a better work-life balance.

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